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Xenoglossy Productions is proud to present the physical version of the eponymous debut album from OVERISHINS, a supergroup belonging to the Hathenter collective and featuring renowned members of the American experimental music scene:
Mick Barr; the mastermind behind the avant-garde black metal band KRALLICE and other out-there projects like OLDEST, OCTIS, ENCENATHRAKH, OCRILIM, ORTHRELM and MOSSENEK;
Chuck Bettis; an experimental artist who collaborated with MOSSENEK, YELLOW SWANS, AFRIRAMPO and JOHN ZORN among others;
Mike Pride; drummer, percussionist and composer who collaborated with free-jazz acts like THE SPANISH DONKEY, PULVERIZE THE SOUND and LOCKSMITH ISIDORE.
Johnny DeBlase; avant-rock/jazz bassist and composer, also member of ZEVIOUS, MANY ARMS and SABBATH ASSEMBLY.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Colin Marston (appearing as guest on "Water Continuity") of GORGUTS, KRALLICE, INDRICOTHERE, BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS and INFIDEL?/CASTRO! fame.

Three tracks of mind-bending and completely free-form experimental music, with influences ranging from jazz, avant-rock, electronica and metallic Krallice-like incursions. Digital download and CD versions include hidden bonus track.
The album comes on pro CD housed in a 4-panel digifile case, including a 4-panel booklet with four beautiful abstract drawings and paintings by each member.